10 tips how to be a motivational remote boss

  1. Prepare a digital marketing strategy (including Social Media coverage plan).
  2. Make sure everybody know their responsibilities and targets for company’s network presence
  3. Make sure somebody is checking the incoming leads every day and taking action on them every day
  4. Assign tasks digitally – e.g. through digital CRM tools. Keep actions going with your colleagues.
  5. Forward and like your subordinates posts, articles, etc..
  6. Address to your subordinates that the content of their social media channels need to be appropriate. No dating photos to be used with same accounts as some people have lost their confidence/company’s confidence when mixing business with pleasure or they post every action on their business trip when they’re drunk.
  7. Show your face to your team members – if you are not present, show your face via webcam in remote meetings. A dull voice in long Skype meetings is impersonal
  8. Meet you subordinates face to face as often as possible although you both live in a digital world.
  9. Don’t take credit for something your subordinate did – that will kill his/her motivation
  10. Don’t forget your team members traditional annual gift or a lunch treat – they are expecting it
-Pia, Creviso-


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